Jewellery allied with design The Miravidi collection expresses transparency, light and movement.
The artistic technique of ligne claire applied to jewellery - a reflection of femininity. Costume jewellery has been refined into contemporary jewellery.


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Costume jewellery

Costume jewellery conceived by Miravidi. Costume jewellery becomes refined, closer to contemporary jewellery. The designer of the Miravidi costume jewellery brand mainly uses materials such as Plexiglas and crystal. Sales outlets of the Miravidi costume jewellery brand are situated in France in Paris, Biarritz and Antibes, these same costume jewellery pieces are also distributed by a number of multi-brand boutiques around the world. Some sales representatives also distribute the Miravidi costume jewellery brand.


Designer Jean-Baptiste Michel created Miravidi in 1994. Miravidi today expresses a very modern design approach to jewellery. Plexiglas and crystal are the favourite materials of the Miravidi brand designer. “I have seen marvels” is the meaning of the word Miravidi in Latin, and is also the name of a peak in the Alps, the region from which Jean-Baptiste’s family originates; it reaches 3066 m at its highest point.

Contemporary jewellery

Contemporary jewellery with refined shapes. Materials such as Plexiglas and crystal reinterpret contemporary jewellery. Contemporary jewellery of the Miravidi brand is the expression of transparency, light and movement…The three sales outlets of the Miravidi contemporary jewellery brand can be found in France, in the Marais in Paris, in Biarritz and in Antibes. 150 sales outlets around the world also distribute the Miravidi contemporary jewellery brand. Several agents around the world distribute Miravidi contemporary jewellery.

Designer jewellery

Designer jewellery lets the influence of the notion of design appear on the conception of Miravidi collections. Designer jewellery, an expression representative of the Miravidi brand. Miravidi brand jewellery design is a refined expression based around light and transparency.

The designer’s jewellery

Jewellery from designer Jean-Baptiste Michel has been marketed under the Miravidi brand since 1994. It is the expression of transparency, light and movement…conceived by the brand’s designer.

Resin jewellery

Acrylic resin jewellery from the Miravidi brand is lightweight, solid and impervious to UV rays. Resin jewellery allows optimum transparency with acrylic resin. A number of production techniques allow you to obtain the various shapes and looks of Miravidi brand resin jewellery. Resin jewellery from the Miravidi brand are mainly made by subcontractors in France, with the costume jewellery being mounted in our workshop in Paris.

Modern jewellery

Modern jewellery from the Miravidi brand is the expression of transparency, light and movement. Modern Miravidi jewellery becomes refined, an echo of modernity. Plexiglas, crystal, mother-of-pearl... take part in developing modern jewellery at Miravidi.


Jewellery conceived by the Miravidi brand designer becomes refined, resembling contemporary jewellery. Miravidi jewellery comes in Plexiglas, crystal and mother-of-pearl…transparent and airy materials, when jewellery becomes an abstract idea.

Gifts for women

A particularly original gift for women and a sign of modernity, Miravidi jewellery is always appreciated. It is a gift for women who are sensitive to innovation and design. A designer gift for women, Miravidi jewellery is on sale in the brand’s boutiques in France in Paris, Biarritz and in Antibes, and at

Feminine gifts

Miravidi jewellery, a feminine gift, its writing close to refinement, like an echo of femininity. Miravidi jewellery with its balanced free-flowing combinations for highly feminine gifts. You will find Miravidi jewellery, designer and feminine gifts in the brand’s boutiques and at

Designer accessories

A designer accessory like Miravidi jewellery, Plexiglas, mother-of-pearl and crystal materials are used for a very contemporary fashion. Miravidi jewellery becomes a completely essential designer accessory.

Resin ring

Miravidi acrylic resin rings are a concentrate of the brand. Miravidi resin rings play with transparency and matter. Resin rings, necklaces, bracelets…, you will find them in Miravidi boutiques in France and at Resin rings from the Miravidi brand are also available at a number of retailers around the world.

Resin bracelets

Resin bracelets from the Miravidi brand are rigid when from a single block or supple when mounted on cord. Miravidi resin bracelets express movement and fluidity exclusive to the brand. Acrylic resin bracelets, necklaces, rings…, you can find them in Miravidi boutiques in France and at in the brand’s characteristic style.

Resin necklace

Acrylic resin necklaces from the Miravidi brand are mounted on a nylon, leather or rubber cord… Miravidi resin necklaces are proof of dynamic compositions and a number of ways of playing on materials. Acrylic resin necklaces, bracelets, rings…, discover Miravidi jewellery in the brand’s boutiques, in Paris, Biarritz and Antibes in France, and at


An accessory like Miravidi jewellery comes in a very contemporary fashion, using materials like Plexiglas or Swarovski crystal. An accessory whose refined shapes express a certain modernity.

Sale of costume jewellery

Miravidi costume jewellery is sold in the brand’s three boutiques in Paris, Biarritz and Antibes in France. The sale of costume jewellery is also possible on the web site A number of multi-brand boutiques around the world sell Miravidi costume jewellery. Sales representatives too in certain geographical areas manage the sale of Miravidi costume jewellery.

Boutique in Paris

The Miravidi brand’s Paris boutique can be found at the heart of the Marais at 16 rue St-Paul. For any information about the Paris boutique you can call +33 1 42 78 91 80.

The Marais

The Marais has accommodated the first Miravidi boutique since 2000. It’s at the heart of the Marais, opposite the St-Paul village in Paris that this boutique is situated, exclusively displaying designer jewellery from the Miravidi brand. The Miravidi boutique situated in the Marais is accessible by St-Paul and Sully Morland underground stations. There are a number of public car parks near the Marais.

Boutique in Biarritz

The Miravidi brand’s Biarritz boutique opened in 2002. Since this date, the Miravidi boutique in Biarritz has offered the whole range of Miravidi designer jewellery.

Boutique in Antibes

The Miravidi brand’s Antibes boutique opened in 2004. Since this date, the Miravidi boutique in Antibes has offered the whole range of Miravidi designer jewellery.

Jewellery designer

Jewellery designer, Jean-Baptiste Michel created the Miravidi brand in 1994. The term ‘designer’ is more suitable than jewellery creator as the conceptual approach is more similar to that of a designer.

Swarovski crystal jewellery

Miravidi jewellery in Swarovski crystal combines crystal and Plexiglas. Swarovski crystal seems to be suspended in compositions where transparency is the main theme.

Transparent jewellery

Miravidi transparent jewellery combines materials like Plexiglas, crystal… transparent jewellery express a certain lightness and luminosity peculiar to the Miravidi brand.

Jean-Baptiste Michel

Jean-Baptiste Michel, designer, founded the Miravidi brand in 1994. Jean-Baptiste Michel uses mainly plastic materials by adapting them to mass production. The work of designer Jean-Baptiste Michel, a particularly refined expression based around notions of light, transparency and movement… expresses a special design approach.

Jewellery made in France

Resin jewellery from the Miravidi brand is made in France. Miravidi jewellery is mounted in Paris; the components are manufactured primarily in France. We can discover the creativity and quality of the “made in France” label in Miravidi jewellery. Miravidi jewellery is designed and made in France; it has been sold around the world since the brand was created.