CUBE necklaceCUBE necklacenecklace ANTARISnecklace ANTARISCIEL necklaceCIEL necklace
CYCLADES necklace CYCLADES necklace KAHO necklaceKAHO necklaceLINE necklaceLINE necklace
PANAMIRA necklacePANAMIRA necklacePLUTONIA necklacePLUTONIA necklaceTITA necklace TITA necklace
URANIE necklaceURANIE necklaceWOUPI necklaceWOUPI necklaceYAKI necklaceYAKI necklace

Our Necklaces

Mounted on nylon cord in order to make them lighter to wear, playing with the effects created by different materials - metallic, leather and rubber cords ... creating a dynamic arrangement.

How to choose a size ?

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