Jean-Baptiste Michel, designer

1961, The cité radieuse housing project

Born in 1961, Jean-Baptise initially lived in a Le Corbusier designed housing project - the cité radieuse - in Rezé les Nantes and was undoubtedly sensitive to the "masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light" (quote by Le Corbusier.)

He trained in indoor architecture and design at the Ecole Efet in Paris.

Jean-Baptiste then took part in international design competitions and was awarded a prize in Milan for his wavy chair made out of high-density polyurethane.

He went on to work on different projects in very different fields.

Wavy chair

Interactive terminal
(G2T vision)

Dental floss

In 1994, he founded Miravidi, from the Latin "I have seen marvels". Miravidi is also the name of an Alpine peak in the Savoie region of France - the region from which Jean-Baptiste's family originates.

On the Miravidi peak in 1976.

His work on light and transparency is a refined expression and shows a design approach that is highly characteristic of our period.

Jean-Baptiste is fascinated by the use of plastic material due to the transparency and lightness it offers, the different production methods (digital milling, injection, laser, forming etc.) and its suitability for industrial production.

And when he has the time, Jean-Baptiste enjoys transferring his artistic skills to the world of photography.

The designer