MIRAVIDI was created in 1994 by the French designer Jean-Baptiste Michel.




The first creations are already distinguished by the use of specific materials ( Acrylic, polycarbonate, acetate, crystal...), and by a refined style.


Through its participation in professional trade shows, Bijorhca, Maison & Objets, Première Classe..., Miravidi is quickly distributed by multi-brand shop around the world at the rate of two collections per year.

Torrente uses Nanaoussa earrings for its fashion show. L'Oréal chooses the Tanis pendant for an advertising.



In 2000, the first Miravidi boutique opened in Paris, in the Marais district.

White, Plexiglas and transparency, the architecture of the boutiques, the fittings and the lighting were designed by the creator.

Today, MIRAVIDI is distributed in its two boutiques in Paris and Antibes, and in a network of retailers in France and abroad. The website has been developed since 2006, allowing deliveries all over the world.


Since its creation, MIRAVIDI has been sold in all the major Parisian department stores, jewelry shops, accessory stores, ready-to-wear stores, concept stores, museum boutiques, etc. All of these places offer the design and creativity that have made the Miravidi brand famous.




New models appear twice a year and we also decline our classics in the colors of the new season in harmony with the fashion trends.


The manufacturing is done by subcontractors, mainly French. The other operations such as dyeing and assembly of the models are carried out by craftsmen in our workshop in Paris.



Since the creation of MIRAVIDI, environmental issues have emerged.


The acrylic usually used is now almost entirely replaced in our production by 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic with the same characteristics, but made from regenerated acrylic waste.

This process allows to recover a high quality raw material.

( made in Italy )

We also use today Acrylic directly regenerated by our production process. The sheets that have been used in the design of our stores are re-cut, sanded and polished to obtain some of our components, which have the same characteristics for an insignificant environmental impact.

Moreover, the durability of our models is privileged from their conception.


They can be repaired.

We can change the link of a necklace, a damaged crystal...

To benefit from our after-sales service, simply contact us at contact@miravidi.fr with a photo of the model.


Our packaging reflects our concern for the environment.

We have developed a new transparent pouch in recyclable bioplastic, Polyethylene (PE) made from the third squeezing of the sugar cane. This material has the same characteristics as PE made from petroleum (made in Italy).

The gift wrapping is made of recyclable polypropylene. ( made in Italy )

Our bags are made from wood from sustainably managed forests. ( made in Italy )




Since 1994, MIRAVIDI has been known by various media, paper, television ... today you can also find us on social networks, do not hesitate to follow us!